1. Definitions

a. Samirad, whichis an acronym for Saudi Arabia Market Information Resource and Directory, is the name of the website.

b. The Website means that internet website whose home page is located at the URL

c. The Company means Panarc International Ltd, owners of The Samirad Website (

d. The Advertiser means a person, firm, company or organisation making a booking, otherwise than through an Advertising Agent or Advertising Agency.

e. Advertising Agent or Advertising Agency means a person, firm, company or organisation which carries on the business involved in selecting and buying advertising space.

f. The Buyer means a person, firm, company or organisation which is principal in a transaction in which advertising space on is purchased from The Company and including its successors or assigns.

g. Banner means a paid-for display advertisement.

h. Advertising Copy means advertising material for use on, whether in printed or electronic form.

i. Copy Date means the last day by which Advertising Copy or material for an advertisement must be received by The Company in connection with a booking.

j. Working Day means Monday to Friday inclusive in each week, with the exception of any Bank Holiday or Public Holiday.

k. The User means a person visiting the site and viewing a page or pages within it.

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions The viewing by The Userof three or more pages within The Website shall be deemed an acceptance of these terms and conditions by The User. The placing of an order with The Company by The Buyer shall be deemed an acceptance of these terms and conditions by The Buyer.

3. Copy Date and acceptance of advertisements Advertising Copy and material for Advertising and/or Basic Entry must be delivered not less than 10 Working Days before the scheduled start date of the publication of advertisement on The Website. If Advertising Copy is delivered later than the Copy Date, The Company will be under no obligation to refund any part of the cost of the booking, even if the Advertising Copy arrives later than the end date of the booking. The Company reserves the right as its absolute discretion to omit, decline, suspend or change the position of any advertisement which it accepts for publication. The Company reserves the right to require Advertising Copy to be amended to meet its approval or the approval of legal or other regulatory authorities or statute. The Company may decline to publish any advertisements received without giving any reason for doing so, but The Buyer shall not be liable to pay for the advertisement.

4. Checking of advertisements and Listings It is The Buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of the Advertising Copy as displayed on The Website.

5. Warranties and Undertakings Whilst The Company takes every care to ensure the accuracy of the content of The Website and the integrity of the organisations and companies listed, all details provided herein are offered in good faith only and The Company accepts no liability for any claim or actual loss arising out of use made of information and/or advertisements contained within this internet site by The User. The Company makes no warranty that any advertisement booked to appear on The Website will deliver any specific benefit to The Buyer or The Advertiser, whether in terms of audience, Ëœclick-throughs", sales awareness, profits or any other material or non-material effect. The Buyer warrants that no Advertising Copy supplied for publication on The Website will breach any trademark, copyright, patent, license rights or any other rights of any third part or be defamatory. The Buyer warrants that nothing contained in the Advertising Copy supplied in connection with a booking will infringe UK data protection legislation. The Buyer will ensure that none of the electronic media (eg disks or hardware) containing the Advertising Copy has been affected by any virus or harmful containment of malfunction. The Buyer will keep The Company indemnified against all actions, proceedings, liabilities and costs arising whether directly or indirectly from the publication or handling by The Company or any Advertising Copy supplied by The Buyer or his successors or assigns. The Company may remove or omit any advertisements which are clearly out of date or where it believes the advertisement contains information which is clearly erroneous and/or misleading.

6. Advertising agencies and commissions If The Buyer is an Advertising Agent or Advertising Agency, The Buyer shall be deemed to contract with The Company as principal and will be responsible for the payment of all accounts and will have full authority over all bookings made and approval or amendment of Advertising Copy. Agency commissions (as a discount from the gross rate agreed at the time of booking) of 15% on Banner advertisement will be payable to all Advertising Agencies recognised by The Company, at the discretion of The Company. Agency commission will not be paid in connection with Free Basic Directory Entry or the Enhanced Directory Entry.

7. Liability for loss Whilst The Company will endeavour to take every care in the handling, transmission, recording, delivery and processing of Advertising Copy, The Company cannot accept liability arising out of any loss, damage or delay thereof, whether the Advertising Copy has been received by The Company or not. The Company cannot accept liability for any damages or losses, including loss of business, profits or revenues arising out of the use of, the intermittent appearance of, the changed layout of, the technical malfunction of, or the inability to access, The Website. The Company makes no warranty that The Website or any websites to which it is linked is or are free from computer viruses or other malicious computer programs. The Company shall not be liable for any losses sustained by The Buyer caused by the presence on The Website of material, links or links to material, created by any third party.

8. Advertisement rates and rates for Listings Advertisement rates are subject to increase at any time. In the event of an increase, The Buyer will have the option to cancel without a surcharge or continue at the new rate. The Company may from time to time make special charges for certain types of advertisements.

9. Changes in presentation: The Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to change the layout, order, format and sequence of Listings on The Website and The Buyer accepts that in the event that such layout, order, format and sequence is or are changed, no rebate payments made will be due.

10. Approved Hajj and Umrah Travel Agents

Lists of Approved Hajj and Umrah Travel Agents are subject to change and such changes are beyond the control of The Company.  Therefore, should The Buyer lose its status as an approved Hajj or Umrah Travel Agent The Buyer will have two options: The Buyer may elect to transfer its Enhanced Directory Entry to the general “Travel Agents” section of the SAMIRAD Directory; or The Buyer may elect a refund calculated on a pro rata basis, exclusive of VAT.

11. Cancellation of advertisements Any booking may be cancelled by The Buyer or The Company provided that cancellation is received in writing not less than fifteen Working Days prior to the fist publication date booked for the advertisement.

12. Terms of payment: Use the on-line order form to place your order. Then pay:

- By cheque: In sterling, drawn on a UK bank. We will email you an invoice for payment.

- By Credit/Debit Card: Payments may be made online using our Payments page. An invoice will be issued after the payment has been cleared.

13. Change of terms and conditions The Company may make changes to these terms and conditions at any time, but will post notice of such changes to The Website and will on request make available a copy of the new terms and conditions to The Buyer.

14. Refund Policy The Company will refund in full any money paid for advertisements which are not displayed as agreed by The Company with The Advertiser at the time of purchase.

15. Jurisdiction The contract which is embodied in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of England and the parties to it hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


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