Saudi Aid: UNRWA

This agency was established by the United Nations following the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, for the purpose of sponsoring Palestinian refugees' affairs and providing them with humanitarian and social services, as well as for training and creating job opportunities for those who are capable of working.

In appreciation of the role played by this agency and the humanitarian activities that it provided for more than 2 million refugees, the Kingdom has contributed to the agency's annual budget the amount of 4.5 million Saudi Riyals in addition to exceptional donations on various occasions amounting to about 225 million Saudi Riyals dedicated for several purposes, including funding the budget shortfalls, implementation of the programs for construction of refugee camps in Lebanon, and providing educational services as well as relief, food and medical supplies.

From October 2000 to December 2007, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pledged US$20,250,000 to the UNRWA.

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