Saudi Aid: Relief Efforts in Asia

The Asian continent has several areas where tension and armed conflicts prevail; some of its countries have been so greatly affected that their resources have been drained and efforts at development impeded. The unjust Israeli occupation of Palestine and some Arab territories was one of the worst events, as well as the Soviet invasion of the Muslim country of Afghanistan, the Lebanese war, and the war between Iraq and Iran. These distressing events have brought about a number of problems paramount among which are the problems of Palestinian and Afghani refugees, and the victims of war. The persistence of these problems for many years has led to an increase in the number of refugees and to the worsening of their living conditions.

The Kingdom has consistently endeavored to support security and stability in the Middle East region and in the Islamic World by various means, while seeking to provide prompt relief to the victims of such events. The Kingdom provides assistance in cash and in kind, in addition to medical assistance to the afflicted and the needy everywhere.

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