U.N. High Commission for Refugee Affairs

The Commission was established for the purpose of sponsoring refugees' affairs all over the world. It assists refugees by developing programs aimed at reaching permanent solutions, such as voluntary return of refugees to their home countries, if possible, or their long-term settlement in the local community of the first refugee country, or repatriation to any other country.

The Commission receives annual contributions from the countries of the world in support of its regular budget, as well as donations in support of emergency and special programs. In appreciation of the Commission's humanitarian role, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes an annual contribution to its budget, dating back several years. The Kingdom also donated 105 million Saudi Riyals at the first conference organized by the Commission in 1981 (1401/02 AH) for the purpose of collecting donations to assist refugees in Africa. At the second conference held in 1984 (1404/05 AH), the Kingdom donated 17.5 million Saudi Riyals, and in 1988 (1408/09 AH), it donated through the Commission large quantities of flour to the refugees in Somalia, amounting to 20,000 tons valued at about 30 million Saudi Riyals.

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