Saudi Aid for Refugees in Africa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been greatly concerned with the problem of African refugees in Sudan and Somalia, and of the victims of conflicts in Chad. The assistance in money, foodstuffs, medical supplies, and shelter provided to refugees in these areas amounted to more than 170,000 million Saudi Riyals. In addition, the Kingdom donated 122,500,000 Saudi Riyals for the UN's first and second conferences for assistance to refugees in Africa.

Some countries of the African continent have been hit by natural disasters such as the earthquakes in the Algerian city of Al-Shleif, the hurricanes in the Comoro Islands and Madagascar, and the ravaging floods in some African countries. The Kingdom has promptly come to the rescue of the victims of such disasters by providing assistance in money and in kind and by contributing in the reconstruction programs. The Kingdom provided a total of 618 million Saudi Riyals to seven countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Comoro Islands, Madagascar and Nigeria.

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