Saudi Arabian National Center for Science and Technology

The Saudi Arabian National Center for Science and Technology was founded in 1977 by Royal Decree, with the aim of harnessing science and technology for the developmental needs of the Kingdom. Its objectives included applied research, management of manpower engaged in science and technology, evolving national scientific policy, awarding scholarships and grants, and co-ordinating work of Government and other institutions. In 1985 it was renamed as King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology. KACST is the Kingdom's principal agency for promoting scientific and technological research and development.

The Fifth Development Plan (1410-1415 AH: 1990-1995) required the Kingdom's industry in both the public and private sector to concentrate on improving efficiency and competitiveness. In achieving these goals, the application of the latest scientific developments and the most advanced technology clearly had a major role.

For further information, visit The King Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology

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