King Faisal University (1)

The King Faisal University in Dammam and Hofuf (PO Box 1982, Dammam), founded in 1975 (1395 AH), had some 700 teachers. The total student enrollment in 2000/2001 was 11,036.

The idea of establishing a university in the eastern region was originated by the late King Faisal in 1974 (1394 AH). The then Crown Prince Fahd's efforts brought into existence the King Faisal University, which was inaugurated during the academic year 1975-1976 (1395-1396 AH) with two campuses. The first campus is in Hofuf in Al-Hasa and it comprises the Faculties of Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources. The second campus is located in Dammam and consists of the Faculties of Medicine and Medical Sciences (established with the educational co-operation of Harvard University) and of Engineering. The campus at Al-Hasa now also caters for female students of home economics, medicine and dentistry.

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