King Fahd International Sports Stadium (1)

Northeast of Riyadh is the King Fahd International Stadium, one of the largest, and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful, sports stadia in the world. The stadium occupies an area of 500,000 square meters.

The form of the seating bowl of the stadium derives from a 4-center ellipse including a parabolic curve section and provides all spectators with an unimpeded view.

Eight ramped public entrances lead from the outside ticket kiosks to a concourse which encircles the stadium. This, in turn, leads to the spectator seating areas in the lower tier and gallery.

Below the concourse level, there is provision for the assembly and accommodation of athletes. Here also are the changing and catering facilities and facilities for administration and the communications media.

The Stadium can cater for a capacity attendance of 67,000 spectators.

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King Fahd International Sports Stadium


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