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The Kingdom's commitment to sport has ensured not only the provision of a wide range of sporting facilities for the population as a whole but also improvements in performance in a number of sports - to the point where the Kingdom's athletes can compete with distinction at the highest international level.

In recent years, Saudi athletes have distinguished themselves in many sports including athletics, cycling, handball, table-tennis, soccer and volleyball.

In 1982, in the United Arab Emirates, the Saudi cycling team was placed fourth in the Arabian Cycling Championships. In 1983, Saudi Arabia won the Arabian Championships in handball, table-tennis and volleyball. In 1984, the Saudi soccer team made its first appearance in the Olympic soccer tournament in Los Angeles. In the same year, the Saudi soccer team won the Asian Games Gold Cup, only to repeat is success four years later. In 1989, the Kingdom hosted the fifth World Youth Soccer Cup Championship. The IFA awarded Saudi Arabia a special commendation for its organizational competence and the Saudi soccer team crowned the event by winning the competition. In 1994, the Saudi soccer team qualified for the World Cup finals, where it astonished the world with its footballing skills against teams of the highest caliber. The Kingdom confirmed its prowess in soccer by qualifying for the World Cup finals in 1998.

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Saudi National Football Team in action

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