The General Presidency of Youth Welfare has been responsible for the fast development of sport within the Kingdom.

As part of its program to provide the young people of the Kingdom with facilities for all sporting activities, the Presidency has built 12 integrated sports "cities" in different districts of the Kingdom. Three further "cities" are under construction.

The Kingdom is an active member of the Olympic movement. The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, established in 1964 (1383/84 AH), included the 14 federations for the sports then practiced in the Kingdom. In 1984 (1404 AH), Saudi Arabia competed in the Olympic Games for the first time, in football and rifle-shooting. The efforts of the Saudi athletes culminated in the success of the Saudi National Football Team in 1984 (1404 AH), when the team won the Asian Football Cup.

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Prince Abdul Aziz bin Muas'ad Sports City

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