Electric Companies and Projects: Northern Region

There are six companies involved in electric power generation and distribution in the northern region (in Arar, Dawmat Al-Jandal, Haql, Rafha, Tabouk and Tayma). In addition, there are eight government projects of the electricity corporation in Al-Jouf, Al-Qulaybah, Bir bin Hirmas, Duba (Tabouk Central Project), Hail, Qurayyat, Tubarjal and Turayf.

By 1995/96 (1416 H), these electric companies and projects were providing electricity supply to 411 cities, villages and settlements and had a customer base of 174,126.

In 2000, the Electric Companies and Projects of the Northern Regions were merged with the branches of Saudi Electric Company in the Eastern, Central and Western Regions.

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SCECO - Northern Region

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