Saudi Consolidated Electricity Companies (SCECOs)

The first SCECO (SCECO-East) was created in 1976 (1396/97 AH). This was followed in 1979 (1399/1400 AH) by SCECO-South. Electricity for the south west of the Kingdom is provided by another consolidated company, and the central region is served by SCECO-Central.

The General Electricity Corporation (GEC) had overall responsibility for the Kingdom's electricity system and had a direct responsibility for the provision of electrical supplies to rural areas not then covered by the consolidated companies. The GEC represented the government equity holdings in all the independent electricity generating companies and was a source of finance for those companies' capital requirements.

In 1998, the Government announced the reorganization of the electricity sector by establishing a stock market company, named the Saudi Electric Company, through the merger of all the electricity companies operating in the Kingdom.

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SCECOs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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