Dhiba Port

Dhiba Port is strategically located at the north end of the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. It is a natural harbor protected on all three sides by hills. This port has vast hinterland on the inland frontier up to the northeast coast of Saudi Arabia and extends up to the Mediterranean Sea on the maritime front. It is the nearest Saudi port to the Suez Canal and other Egyptian ports.

Dhiba is the latest Saudi port - developed to serve the north west region of the Kingdom. There are three berths, which are supplied with fresh water either by shore installations or by barge. An hotel with boarding and lodging facility, a supermarket and a bank are under construction inside the Port area. A fuel station, a supermarket and lodging are also being built outside the Port. In 2006, it handled 375,613 tons of cargo.

For details about Dhiba Port go to Saudi Ports Authority Website.

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