King Abdul Aziz Port at Dammam

The King Abdul Aziz Port at Dammam ranks second to Jiddah as a commercial port. Like Jiddah it boasts a fully equipped repair yard. In 1975 (1395 AH), Dammam imported 2,486,000 tons (approximately 40% of the total entering the Kingdom that year). Imports through Dammam reached a peak of 14,515,000 tons in 1982 (1402/03 AH). In 1987 (1407/08 AH), Dammam was visited by a total of 3,288 ships and imported 7,322,000 tons (10.5% of total imports in that year). In 1994 (1414/15 AH), Dammam was visited by 2,022 vessels and imported 6,603,817 tons. In 2006 King Abdul Aziz Port handled 17,906,785 tons of cargo.

For details on King Abdul Aziz Port, go to Saudi Ports Authority Website.

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