Mineral Resources and Mining

Geological surveys and mineral exploration have revealed that, in addition to vast oil reserves, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia possesses large deposits of various minerals, including bauxite, copper, gold, iron, lead, silver, tin and a number of non-metallic minerals.

On 23rd March 1997, in order to coordinate projects and promote efficiency in the mining industry, the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Maadin) was created, with an initial capital of more than $1 billion. Maadin is responsible for regulating mineral exploration and overseeing its progress. Mining projects which are owned by the Government or in which the Government is participating are to be consolidated and rebuilt commercially. Maadin will also provide sufficient basic infrastructure for mining projects located in remote areas. MAADIN owns Mahd adh-Dhahab and as-Sukhaibirat mines and has obtained exploration licences for the gold deposits in Wadi Bidah, Al-Hajar, Ad-Duwaihi, Samran, Sheban, Zalm and Hamdah, for phosphate ore in Wadi Al Sarhan and Turaif, for magnesium in Zargat, Jabal Abt and Jabal Al Rukham, for zinc in Al Khnaiguiyah, as well as licenses for exploration of industrial metals in Jabal Sodah. The company's articles of association stipulate that it will be reorganized as a joint stock company within five years of establishment

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