Saudi Credit Bank

The Saudi Credit Bank offers loans for the purposes of marriage, domestic repairs, vocational purposes and medical treatment. The number of loans disbursed by the bank since it was established in 1971 (1391 AH) until the end of the 1993/94 (1414/15 AH) financial year was 332,438 loans with a total value of 4,789,614,057 Saudi Riyals. Of these loans, 186,566, worth 2,351,427,350 Saudi Riyals, were for marriage purposes; 140,419 loans, worth 2,336,316,690 Saudi Riyals, were for building repairs; 5,411 loans, with a value of 101,524,617 Saudi Riyals, were for vocational purposes; and 42 loans, worth 345,400 Saudi Riyals, were for the purpose of medical treatment. . In 2006 the Saudi Credit Bank gave out loans to the amount of SR 736.1 million.

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