Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank

Since its founding in 1964/65 (1384/85 AH) until 1992/93 (1413/14 AH), the Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank has committed itself to 362,448 loans, worth around 27.5 billion Saudi Riyals. In 2000/2001 alone the Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank lent SR 1.4 billion. Employees in the agriculture sector in all parts of the Kingdom benefited from these loans. In addition to the loans offered by the bank, aid was also extended to workers in agricultural production in the form of allowances for machinery, pumps, agricultural equipment, equipment for rearing poultry and producing daily products and for the transportation of imported cattle of good stock. The total value of this aid since its introduction in 1973/74 (1393/94 AH) until 2005 was 37.9 billion Saudi Riyals.

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Cattle-farming in Tabouk

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