Saudi Industrial Development Fund

The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) was set up by the government primarily to provide interest-free, 'soft' loans to Saudi businessmen to establish industrial plants and factories. These loans can be used to finance up to 50% of the total capital required for establishing the factory.

The total number of industrial loans sanctioned by the Saudi Industrial Development Fund from its establishment in 1974 (1394 AH) until the end of the 1993/94 (1414/15 AH) financial year was 1,745. These contributed to the establishment of 1,365 industrial projects in different parts of the Kingdom. The total value of the loans sanctioned for these projects was 25,842 million Saudi Riyals. In 2000/2001, SIDF distributed loans amounting to SR 1.6 billion. The total loans approved for industrial projects, from SIDF’s creation until end of 2006, amounted to SR 38.2 billion.

The SIDF has played a key role in creating local Saudi industrial enterprises and the employment opportunities which they present. The wide range of locally manufactured goods now available in the Kingdom attests to the success of the SIDF.

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