General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYW)

Amongst the wide range of major development activities undertaken by the government, the interests and well-being of the young has not been ignored. The Kingdom is well aware that the youth of today are the men and women of tomorrow and that, since any country's greatest wealth is its people, every care must be taken to provide the young with the means of self-development, physical as well as mental.

The General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYW) has sponsored a range of cultural activities. These have included arts and crafts, and literary, drama and folklore clubs. The General Presidency of Youth Welfare has played an active role in national and international cultural events, including arts exhibitions, calligraphy and poetry and essay competitions.

In addition, the GPYW has played a major role in the Kingdom's sporting life.

In this way, the organization has been able to offer the young people of the Kingdom the opportunity to develop their artistic talents to the full.

In the Government re-organisation in May, 2003, the newly-constituted Ministry of Culture and Information took responsibility for several organisations previously affiliated to the GPYW:

- King Fahd Cultural Centre

- The Administration of Folklore

- The Saudi Society for Culture and Arts

- The General Administration of Cultural Activities

- The Literary Clubs

- The General Administration for Literary Clubs.

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