Decline and Revival

Saud's successor, his son Abdullah (who ruled until 1818 - 1234 AH), was unable to halt the Egyptian advance. Ad-Dar'iyah was taken and Abdullah bin Saud removed to Istanbul where his captors executed him. Riyadh was captured in 1818 (1234 AH).

From 1818 to 1824 (1234 to 1240 AH), the Ottoman Empire maintained a few garrisons in Nejd, as a gesture of their dominance. Thus, the first temporary decline in the House of Saud occurred.

Within a few years, however, the fortunes of the House of Saud were to revive. In 1824 (1240 AH), Turki, a cousin of Saud bin Abdul Aziz, assumed the Amirship of Nejd. In the course of his rule (1824 to 1834 - 1240 to 1250 AH), Turki, retook Riyadh and continued the Saudi drive for consolidation of the area.

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