Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab

Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab was born in the town of Uyaynah in the Nejd of a highly respected and religious family. In keeping with his family tradition, he exhibited a keen interest in religion and was profoundly perturbed by contemporary deviations from Islamic teachings which included serious deviations from the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him. He therefore undertook to bring about a revival of Islam in its simplest and original form. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab did not found a new sect. His sole purpose was to re-establish Islam in its purest form.

His forthright sermons led to his persecution. When he and his family were driven out of Uyaynah, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab sought the protection of Muhammad bin Saud, in Ad-Dar'iyah, the home of the House of Saud.

Muhammad bin Saud and Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab found they had interests in common, pre-eminently a desire to see all the Arabs of the Peninsula brought back to Islam in its simplest and purest form. In 1744, they therefore took an oath that they would work together to achieve this end. Muhammad bin Saud's son, Abdul Aziz, married the daughter of Imam Muhammad. Thus, with an oath and a marriage, the two leaders sealed a pact between their families which has lasted through the centuries to the present day.

Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab died in 1792.

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