Al-Uyaynah, the birthplace in 1703 of Muhammad Abdul Wahhab, is located in the central Nejd.

In the middle of the 18th century, Al-Uyaynah was the seat of the powerful Al-Mu'ammar family of the Bani Tamim. When Muhammad Abdul Wahhab returned from his travels around the Middle East and began to preach the pure form of Islam to which he was committed, he met with a mixed reception. In the end, the Al-Muammar family compelled him to leave the town.

Driven from his town of birth, Abdul Wahhab travelled some 40 miles to Ad-Diriyah, which, since 1726, had been the seat of the local prince Muhammad bin Sa'ud.

Abdul Wahhab was welcomed by Muhammad bin Saud. He continued his preaching, attracting great support from the surrounding tribesmen. In 1745, an alliance was formed between Muhammad bin Saud and Muhammad Abdul Wahhab that was to change the history of the Arabian peninsula.

Al-Uyaynah was one of the first towns to fall under the sway of the new alliance. Riyadh held out for another 27 years but then succumbed.

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