Al-Ola (2)

The major antiquities of the area consist of tombs and ruins of old settlements, rock art and inscriptions:

KHURAYBAT AL-OLA: This area is located about 4km north east of the present town of Al-Ola. Khuraybat Al-Ola is an important archaeological site which contains several tombs and inscriptions on the rock and tombs, dating back to Minean, Dedanite and Lihyanite periods. The site also contains the foundations of several temples and other ancient buildings.

MAHALAB AL NAQA (SHE-CAMEL'S CISTERN): North west of Al-Khuraybah lies Mahalab Al Naqa, a cistern carved in a large rock. (There is a local legend that this cistern has some connection with the she-camel of the Prophet Saleh - peace be upon him.)

INSCRIPTIONS OF JEBEL AL-AKMA: Jebel al-Akma is located about 2.5 km north west of Al-Khuraybah. This archaeological site contains a wide variety of rock inscriptions (Minean, Lihyanite, Dedanite and Thamudic) which reveal not only the names of individuals and tribes but also the religious, social and cultural character of the people who inscribed them.

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Facade of tomb in the Khuraimate area Click to view high resolution version

Facade of tomb in the Khuraimate area


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