Western Region

The Western Region (the Hijaz) includes the west coast of the Kingdom, north of Asir. It contains a mountain chain (with peaks rising to 3,000 meters), running south to north, decreasing gradually in elevation as it moves northward, and the coastal plain bordering the Red Sea.

Aerial view of the Holy City of Makkah Click to view high resolution versionAerial view of the Holy City of Makkah In this region is the busy seaport of Jiddah, known as the Islamic Port of Jiddah, a thriving commercial center. Of greatest note is that the Western Region contains the holiest cities of Islam - Makkah and Madinah - which are visited by some two million Muslims annually.

The coastal area of the Western Region is renowned for its humidity, with summer temperatures rising to above 40 degrees centigrade.

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General view of Jiddah Click to view high resolution version

General view of Jiddah

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