Saudi Arabia's Key Policies

THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA which follows the path of Islam as a moderate doctrine and way of life is utterly opposed to acts of terrorism, all of which are forbidden by Islam. The Saudi Government has pursued an anti-terrorism policy by all possible means for many years both before and since September 11, 2001 and is fully supportive of the war on terror.

THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA BELIEVES that disputes between nations should be resolved by negotiation and, if negotiation fails, by reference to international law, not by acts of aggression or violence.

THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA BELIEVES that the best interests of all countries in the Middle East would be best served if all countries in the region obeyed the relevant United Nations Resolutions.

THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA HAS CONSISTENTLY ARGUED that the Middle East should be free from all weapons of mass destruction.

THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA BELIEVES it is the duty of wealthy countries to assist the developing world. To this end, it has provided an annual average of 4% of its GNP over the last 30 years to development projects in more than 70 countries.

THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA BELIEVES that what unites the peoples of the world is ultimately far more important than what divides them and, despite opposition from those eager to promote a clash of civilizations, the Kingdom will continue to work for mutual respect and increased understanding.

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